CLOTHING COUNTS is a Brooklyn-based design studio that draws on objectivity, research, artistry, process and experience to solve creative challenges. Our work encompasses brand identity, websites, campaign identity design, ux design, graphic design, print design, apparel printing and copywriting. We’ve spent over 20 years practicing, living and delivering compelling design. Every client benefits from our innate desire to make things more beautiful, more functional and more clever. Our creed is that good design is goal-oriented and must strike a balance between technical fluency, risk-taking, and professional integrity.

We utilize our skills to aid businesses, organizations and individuals making power moves. Elevating voice and style in crowded marketplaces is vital to engaging and provoking targeted audiences.




Our tested and proven creative processes deliver unique and appropriate design solutions with total client engagement. The best ideas are manifested in conversation and exploration. We enter every project free of preconceived notions so that there is room to harvest fresh ideas.



Chacon Johnson

Co-founder and Creative Director

“Chacon is the most productive creative professional I’ve ever worked with, an embodiment of Steve Jobs’s rule that “real artists ship.” The breadth of his work includes corporate branding, user interface and experience design, clothing, typography, music, even building renovation. One of his great strengths is that these projects influence and energize each other, so each client benefits from his full creative universe.”

– Matt Holford, Chief Technology Officer, DoSomething.org


Nicole Smith

Co-founder and Producer

”Nicole is a talented educator and activist who has worked for many years with students, families, teachers and leaders to transform the education space. As a member of the founding team of KIPP AMP, Nicole introduced capoeira as a way of life, a source of power and a mode of resistance against oppression that our former students continue to employ and draw inspiration from over a decade later. Nicole’s brilliant leadership, calm confidence and constant truth-seeking are only a few of the qualities that frame her work and contribute to her incredibly special presence.”

– Jenna Shapiro, Education Consultant