Noon Johnson Exhibits Creative Promise

As a passionate graphic designer, there is nothing like seeing your child exhibit early signs of conceptual thinking. This logo was created by my 8-year-old son, so I'll allow him to tell you more about it:

"This is how I came up with the GRN logo. So I was looking on YouTube one day to look for the right 3D printing pen. (which is kinda like a 3D printer but smaller) Then I started to come up with designs to draw with the 3D pen that I chose. First I drew an N in a stylish way because my name starts with the letter N. But then I looked at my pet Bearded Dragon and thought "Maybe it would be nice to have him as something I draw" so I tried to draw an accurate version of my pet Bearded Dragon. My first drawing was kinda good at first but then I added some marks and then it looked like an angry baseball. So I tried another one and it looked a little better, but then I made this really simple version and it looks really nice and cute. And that is how I came up with the GRN logo."

– Noon Johnson, Young Creator (8 years old)