An Open-Concept Closet Improved My Quality of Life

Each day that I get dressed I’m amazed by how much my newly organized open closet is dramatically improving the quality of my life. If you wake up and dread having to find something to wear, or feel ho-hum when you get dressed in the morning, upgrading your closet could be the spark you need. Here are a few benefits to consider:

1) You can easily take stock of your items. This helps you get rid of the items you no longer need or want, and there’s no room for clothing to get lost or become the backdrop to your most-worn pieces. Additionally, you can plan your outfit without rifling through everything; and if your closet is visible from your bed, you can lay while building a masterpiece outfit!

2) You’ll take getting dressed more seriously. Because it’s easier! I’m less lazy about it and more encouraged to really express myself through my outfits now that there’s much less hassle!

3) It expands your creativity. You’ll find yourself wanting to try out new combinations of clothing and accessories simply because you can SEE everything! Sometimes I’ll start with a particular bag that I’m in the mood for and build an outfit around that. I also have a little bit of color-coding going on in my closet, which helps me to create an outfit based on mood, brights vs. earth tones, vibrant vs. in hiding, etc.

4) You won’t have to pack up all your stuff from the previous season. A closet that is thoughtfully organized affords you the space to incorporate items from other seasons. Think about all the layering you can do with summer outfits when transitioning to fall! Mixing and matching becomes limitless, and the number of potential outfits suddenly skyrockets! I only store away things that are hard to justify, like shorts in the winter, or corduroys in the summer. (I just always make sure bathing suits are accessible; you never know when you’ll have the good fortune of taking a trip to somewhere warm during a cold season.)

A fly, organized, open closet makes me feel like I’m the star of the show and my wardrobe person is taking the day off but has already laid out some dashing options for me to wear. It doesn’t take much to make me happy.